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Yoga Today

Posted By Shanti Gowans,
05/10/2023 17:25 PM
Today, there are practitioners following different yoga paths and yogic styles who come from various lineages.    In a society where traditional yogic concepts such as wholesome eating,...


Posted By Shanti Gowans,
05/10/2023 17:24 PM
Do you sometimes wonder why, in spite of there being millions of cars on the road, there are so few accidents? At any given time there are millions of tired, angry, distracted, impatient and drunk or ...

Better to give than to receive

Posted By Shanti Gowans,
05/10/2023 17:22 PM
You give but little when you give of your possessions.   It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.     Kahlil Gibran We know that it is better to give than receive, but...


Posted By Shanti Gowans,
05/10/2023 17:19 PM
The people we trust most when we come into the world are our parents. We have unconditional trust in them - that is, up until they destroy it. If you are a parent, please don't do this to your...

We are seeing a lot of signs...

Posted By Shanti Gowans,
05/10/2023 17:17 PM
Signs in nature, because people are taking huge action every day to lessen their impact on the environment.    - signs on the faces of politicians, who look more nervous than ever as they fe...

Our mind is so untamed

Posted By enzin Palmo,
05/10/2023 17:15 PM
Our mind is so untamed, out of control, constantly creating memories, prejudices, mental commentaries.   It's like a riot act for most people!   Anarchy within.  We have no way of...

Why does one go into retreat?

Posted By Tenzin Palmo,
05/10/2023 17:14 PM
One goes into retreat to understand who one really is and what the situation truly is.   When one begins to understand oneself then one can truly understand others because we are all...

Difficult Decisions

Posted By Shanti Gowans ,
05/10/2023 17:13 PM
A group of children are playing on some railway tracks, of which one is still in use, while the other is disused. Only one child is playing on the disused track, while the others are playing on the op...

How can we be free

Posted By Krishnamurti ,
05/10/2023 17:11 PM
How can we be free  to look and learn when our minds from the moment we are born to the moment we die are shaped by a particular culture in the narrow pattern of "me"?   For centuries we...

Passion Can Be Infectious

Posted By Shanti Gowans ,
05/10/2023 17:10 PM
You might find yourself so much in awe, and drawn to people because of their enthusiasm for the things they do or dream about. They constantly return to the same topic again and again, engaging...