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Welcome To Southern Yoga & Health Centre 

Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world. Yogananda

About Us

Southern Yoga offers classical Hatha and Yin yoga and we welcome all students to experience the depth and transformative benefits of this beautiful and ancient practice in our friendly and inclusive studio.   Ours is a studio just for yoga.

We provide the support in our classes for your own journey towards inner freedom, whether you're a beginner or an experienced student.  As you transform yourself on the mat, you transform your life.  Through the posture work in harmony with the breathing, relaxation and mindfulness, you will enjoy the benefits of this practice on every level, gradually experiencing the union of body, breath and mind and spirit.   Yoga opens your heart and mind and awakens you to that which you already are - living peace.   

We also run chanting workshops, yoga events and meditation retreats, all creating connection and community and there are psychologists, counsellors and other practitioners working in our consulting rooms.  If you need someone to talk to,  you will find some of them on the Team page.    

 We look forward to welcoming you to our studio.

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Online Meditation Class

Mondays 6.30pm

The class will also continue to be held at the studio.

Introductory Offer

14 days unlimited yoga and meditation classes for only $40.00!

For first timers only and please note we do not pause or extend this membership

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Our introductory offer allows new students to come and try many of the classes, to get to know the teachings and the teachers, and to get a feel for our Centre.   And it allows us to get to know you!

We ask that students bring their own mats, blankets, cushions, straps and water bottle as much as possible.  If you don't have your own mat, or other equipment, you can use ours.  You can either book yourself in online, or just come in 10 minutes early the first time. 


I've been attending yoga classes at Southern Yoga and Health Centre for 12 years and have not found a better yoga studio.  Chris is a very supportive and caring practitioner who offers well balanced and varied classes.   She caters for anyone who might need to adapt poses due to injury or other issues.   The room is large and airy and usually not too crowded.   Highly recommended.


Christine is an incredible yoga teacher, I've always found her to be friendly, warm and wonderfully thoughtful.   She has a beautiful approach to yoga, mind, body and soul.  I thoroughly enjoy her classes.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Southern Yoga to all!


Southern Yoga and Health Centre is THE place to be for health and wellness for body, mind and spirit.  After learning yoga here for the last three months, my overall health has improved, especially my scoliosis -  curvature of the spine.  I have been attending as many classes as possible for faster healing.   With her 25 years of yoga teaching experience Christine starts her classes with deep relaxation, preparing the students for the posture work,  breathing practices and mindfulness.  Christine is an excellent and highly trained teacher who explains and demonstrates the yoga postures in a room with a peaceful ambience and soft, soothing music.   Through the classes Christine gives us motivational and encouraging messages and allows each student to practice to the best of their ability.    In the last three months, I have found my back has improved immensely and I have more strength in my arms and legs.  I have become more positive and happy with myself and have made good friends with the students, who are very friendly and welcoming.


I have been attending the Southern Yoga and Health Centre for meditation classes for almost  a year and a half now and I cannot recommend it highly enough.   Chris is a wonderful instructor, where through her classes I have been able to bring some peace to my busy (and at times chaotic) life through the practice of meditation.  Chris's teachings are gentle and effective at the same time.   I have  begun to apply the teachings of ancient Yogic and Buddhist wisdom to my everyday life.  For those who wish to bring peace to their busy lives, I cannot recommend this studio highly enough.


I have been going to Southern Yoga and Health Centre for many years and have always walked out of a class feeling better no matter what I have been through.  Chris is a wonderful teacher and I love the style of yoga, always feeling like I have had a nice workout. 


I have enjoyed attending Chris's meditation and relaxation sessions over a number of years.   I always find myself feeling calmer, more centered and with enhanced concentration afterwards.  Chris creates a comfortable, reflective environment and shares a range of different relaxation and meditation techniques.


I started Yoga some months ago, with very poor flexibility.   After 3 weeks my sleep patterns improved and now I also have much improved flexibility. 


I felt very comfortable and at home at Southern Yoga and Health Centre, from the first time I walked up the stairs.   Chris is a great teacher, who has created a wonderful, warm, nurturing environment for her students.    I have been a part of this  Centre for over 20 years.     Yoga has most certainly changed my life for the better.     


Walking up the stairs into this beautiful studio feels like a warm hug.