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Private Classes

We also offer private classes at the Centre or at your premises, please call us for details, prices etc.

Terms and Conditions

Our memberships and fees are not transferable or refundable.    All memberships are to be used by the expiry date as we do not extend or pause memberships, including the Introductory Offer.    With weekly memberships, ie. 5, 10 or 20 week memberships, which give you a certain number of classes to be taken over the same number of weeks, you are welcome to make up a class you have missed, at any time, before the expiry date.     

Concession card holders need to present their concession card to us at reception to be able to pay the concession price.  We do not give concession prices to Senior Card Holders. 

Class Description


Yoga Peace

Learn to balance your energies, release tension and restore your body's natural fluidity and sensitivity.  Each class starts and finishes with deep relaxation. This is Yoga to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. These classes often have a short discussion included, or a few minutes of meditation.

Gentle Strength

A gentler class that causes you to engage in a gentle yet powerful dialogue with your limbs, spine, muscles and lungs. Experience freedom and relaxation, restore health. These classes include meditation or philosophy. 

Stretch Classes

A class of slow stretches, working all muscle groups. Restore suppleness and strength.  An excellent class for sports people or those just wanting a good stretch.  

Strength and Stretch

A slightly more active class but is still a slow class with a balance of strength and flexibility.   It starts with a short relaxation, then flows into the posture work, working with the breath, and finishing with a deep relaxation.   

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga postures are held longer, up to 3 - 4  minutes.  This targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine with a relaxed muscle approach.    It recharges the energetic system of the body and draws the mind inward for a relaxed and meditative state.  Mostly floor work, with the use of props, such as straps, bolsters, cushions and blankets.

Slow Yoga

Slow Yoga classes are slower than most of the other classes, but not as slow as the Yin class.  They allow you to go deeper into the stretches with time to still your mind and become fully present, allowing the natural state of peace to flow through.    

Mindful Meditation

Ancient, effective techniques suitable for everyone that will enhance focus, improve decision making, lessen stress, fear and confusion and bring about a sense of wellbeing and peace.   Each class  includes deep relaxation and breathing, and time for discussion.  You can talk and talk about the many benefits of meditation, and that is what usually brings people initially to class, but nothing takes the place of regular practice.

Relax and Restore

This class starts with a short meditation then flows into deep relaxation, resulting in self healing and stress relief.  Real healing is in our nature and may happen best when we just allow it.  A beautiful class to rejuvenate yourself.


*None of our classes use force, you are allowed to go at your own pace, always with guidance from the teacher.    All of our classes are suitable for beginners. 

Introductory Offer for New Students Only  

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