"Yoga" comes from the Sanskrit word "yug" which means to unite, uniting our individual self with that which gave rise to it - the Divine. And the practices of yoga and meditation are the means for this.


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Eco Yoga Mats


These mats are made from a newly developed and patented TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam.  They contain no latex, no rubber, no PVC and no toxic materials in their production.



All Books are by Shanti Gowans    







Ayurveda For Health and Well-Being

194 pages - $35

The term Ayurveda means 'The Science of Life'. It comes from the Sanskrit words Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge or science. Ayurveda is an encyclopedia of ancient wisdom, natural laws and hidden secrets of life. Ayurveda is the healing answer for the new millennium, with its mind-body wisdom enabling us to live magically every day. It demonstrates a way for each of us to live in our minds and bodies with greater harmony, understanding, health, intimacy and grace.












Ayurvedic Cooking

161 pages - $35

This book by Shanti Gowans, talks about the Doshas (constitutions), showing you how to discover your body type, the natural pharmacy in the kitchen, stocking the kitchen, digestion, the relationship between taste and the elements, and of course includes recipes.  We are in an era where people are taking a more spiritual and respectful approach to their bodies.  Be more aware ... more in tune with your body's inner voice.  Your goal is to develop your own individual immune system to such a degree that the body becomes its own best physician.

Let food be your medicine.  A balanced diet of natural foods is the best way to energise and revitalize.  Most people who have been exposed to ayurvedic cooking are happily converted to the healthy style of eating it offers. 


Breathe For Health

235 Pages - $33

This book provides a set of personal practices aimed at healing deficiencies in your breathing and improving its effectiveness to the point where it becomes a positive and powerful force for your personal growth, health and happiness. This book is dedicated to the Breath of Life through which you can eventually experience the awareness, peace of mind and joy that lies within each and everyone of us.





Mindfulness the art of conscious living


54 Pages   $20.00


Like a monkey jumping from branch to branch, is our stream of consciousness.  However, we have the power to stop the antics of this "monkey mind", and to achieve a quiet or still mind, which is essential for the development of our spiritual nature and our evolution.   


An Easy Guide To Meditation

99 Pages - $25

Of what value are the thousands of thoughs that pass through our minds each day? How many of them have really brought us any benefit? Very few. Constant states of anxiety prevent us from facing up to and coping with the relentless demands of modern life. It is no wonder that millions of people feel depressed, weighed down by impossible tasks, unable to cope and unable to escape. Meditation is often misunderstood. Although relaxation and peace are some of the benefits which accrue from meditative states, they should not be the sole aim. It is a growth process and is acquired gradually, and then only when there is a persistent search motivated by disciplined desire. Meditation can transfer the destructive energy from a disturbed and turbulent state into a creative and peaceful orientation.

Reflections Of A Yogi

249 Pages - $39.95

The vision presented in this book is a compilation of a stream of consciousness that has emerged over many years in response to so many of my students who were in need of: time, patience and attention to heal when they were broken; help in keeping a life together during times of pain, illness, suffering and mourning, and perspectives that nurture, sustain and enrich, to create a framework for personal and inner work and spiritual well-being. This book also bears the imprit of the synthesis of Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism and Ayurveda - the fields of spirituality and holistic medicine that have inflamed my heart and consolidated the refinements gathered in these last thirty years of teaching Yoga in Australia.