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It's a Dogs Life

Posted By Shanti Gowans  
17:40 PM

Every morning I wake, take a shower, and sit for meditation. I am greeted with a wagging tail and a dog that is so happy to see me. No matter how I am feeling when I wake up, I feel great after I see Socrates. 
She never wakes up saying, I don't feel good today, and she is never in a bad mood. She is just thrilled to see me and go for a quick walk outside. Then, we come in, and she is thrilled to get a treat and lay back down to repeat the whole process again when my Peter awakens an hour or so later.  I think we can all learn something from our dogs and aim to live our life in a much similar way, being happy for each and every moment of everyday. It would surely make for a much better life for ourselves and those around us.
Instead, we may often wake up and think of all we have to do in the future, or think about how we didn't sleep as long as we had wanted to, or think about how we aren't feeling the best. You get the idea.
As we journey through life, we could take the approach of the dogs and be happy about everything, enjoy whatever is in front of us and greet everyone with a waging tail  or in human language, a big smile. 
Give this a try for the next week. Start each day happy and look for every opportunity for the good things in your life. I feel convinced that we will all have a better week, and those around us will too.