Don’t wonder about the needs of the world, instead ask yourself what makes your heart sing?    And do it.  Because what the world needs the most is people whose hearts sing.

Southern Yoga and Health Centre




In the ever quickening pace of life, with all of its stresses and strains, in Melbourne there is a Centre, a place of stillness and peace.


Through our Hatha Yoga and meditation classes we provide a space where you can simply be, where your own intuition  and wisdom flow and your health and wellbeing returns.  The Centre is spacious and full of light and we invite you to come and spend some    time with yourself.  Our classes are relaxed and restorative and guided throughout.  For first timers, there is no need to book yourself in, just come in 10 - 15 minutes early the first time.


"Yoga" comes from the Sanskrit word "yug" which means to unite,   uniting our individual self with that which gave rise to it.  And the   practices of yoga and meditation are the means for this.


All our classes and courses are suitable for beginners or those who have practised before. There are mats, blankets and cushions here you are welcome to use. Please have a look at our Calendar of Events page for this year's courses and workshops. We don't close for school holidays through the year, we close for just a couple of weeks over Christmas and for all public holidays.  We also have some psychologists working in our practitioner rooms, you will find them on the Practitioners page.


We look forward to welcoming you to our Centre.