Teachers & Practitioners


Christine Homer


A long time ago, "by chance" I was introduced to one of Shanti Gowans' yoga classes through a friend.    I realised this was what I had been looking for.    I trained with Shanti  and I am still a student of Shanti's, forever grateful for the teachings, the wisdom and love I have received from her.    Shanti's style of yoga is holistic, transformational and peaceful.   In my classes I aim to create a peaceful space that students can come to where there is no judgement, no expectations, where each student can experience stillness and connection with themselves.   For me Yoga is the path towards a deep inner peace, with all its wisdom and healing, the path home to ourselves and I am very committed to my own daily yoga and meditation practice.

I have been running the Southern Yoga and Health Centre for 28 years now, and before that I travelled extensively overseas, studying Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, natural health and diet, all of which expanded my understanding of myself and  life.  


Maite Rivela


Maite started teaching Hatha yoga in Spain when her teacher there recognised her love and dedication to yoga, but she trained here in Melbourne at Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training (VIYETT) and at Rainbow Kids Yoga to teach children.  She is very dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for Yogis of all levels,  that supports inward focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit.  She has the intention that in her classes her students will be able to improve their quality of life, by honing their mindfulness and meditation abilities.  She brings a lovely warmth and groundedness to her classes and an authentic and fun approach, demonstrating her love and passion for Yoga.     Maite teaches the Gentle Strength, the Prenatal and the Yin class.



Ruth Henwood


Ruth is our Childrens Yoga teacher.    She worked as a Primary School Teacher for nearly 20 years and witnessed the different demands modern life was placing on children and families.  She herself has had a consistent and focused yoga practice for over 20 years.   She was called to share the practice of yoga with all ages, connecting them to their inner wisdom, by giving creative and purposeful classes.    In her Children's Yoga classes Ruth incorporates practices to calm and focus the children's minds, open their hearts to compassion for self and others and nourish their bodies with the asanas - flexibility, strength and movement.  In each class the students will also practice breathwork and meditation.










Natalie Bondine


Natalia has been immersed in wellness and yoga for over 25 years with passion and devotion for learning and understanding this great mystery of existence.   She started with Swami Saraswati and learnt that yoga truly is an holistic way of living life.   She also studied and practices various healing arts including Ayurveda therapies and Mantra meditation.  She teaches in a grounded non-dogmatic style that is accessible to everybody and invites you to come and experience this timeless connection back to yourself!





Makayla Heard


Makayla is a registered Psychologist who has been practicing since 2003.  She started her career in youth services and has extensive experience assessing and treating adolescents and their families in a local government setting.  Makayla also works with adults, parenting and family issues,  alcohol and drug issues, depression and anxiety.  Makayla believes it is important to address the underlying origins and emotional motivators of client’s behaviour, improve a client’s insight and to explore and process emotions in order for client’s to develop better control over their current choices.   She has a warm and engaging manner, clients can easily feel comfortable with her.  For appointments call Makayla direct on 0411 167 432.




Philip Walker


Philip is a Psychologist, experienced in working with a wide variety of clients from various backgrounds, ages and walks of life, working with both couples and individuals.   He assists clients in identifying sources of distress and then works collaboratively with them to develop tools and strategies that are individually tailored and that facilitate growth and well being.    His areas of interest include anxiety and depression, grief and loss, distress associated with infertility and chronic pain.  He is able to work with a wide variety of mental health challenges, and is sensitive to subtle patterns and dynamics that may be impacting on his clients.   


He draws from evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness and Interpersonal Therapy.   Please call 0466 365 990 for an appointment.


Deanne Atkinson


Deanne brings 20 years experience in spiritual development.   As an Accredited Medium, Deanne provides Readings with accuracy and integrity to help you understand your life and gain clarity to move forward.    She also founded Parent with Passion a service supporting Mums with any negative emotions and struggles they are having with parenting, helping Mums find empowerment and providing strategies for a happier household.   


Readings and Parenting appointments are available in Mornington.    Bookings essential and can be made via 0413 316 079 or deanne@parentwithpassion.com.