Teachers & Practitioners


Christine Villiers

About 32 years ago, "by chance" I was introduced to one of Shanti Gowans' yoga classes through a friend.  It didn't take me long to realise this was what I had been looking for, the search had stopped.     I am still a student of Shanti's and am forever grateful for the teachings, the wisdom and love I have received from her.   I feel I will always be a student of Yoga and that I will never stop studying and doing my own practice.   I particularly love Shanti's style of yoga, which is holistic, with  deep philosophy and peace and enjoy going to Queensland for weekend retreats with her.    In my classes here as a teacher, I aim to create a peaceful space that students can come to, a place for them where there is no judgement, no expectations, where I can simply support and encourage each student, and they can release their tensions and anxiety and experience some stillness and connection with themselves.   For me Yoga is the path towards a deep inner peace, with all its wisdom and healing, the path home to ourselves.

I have been running the Southern Yoga and Health Centre for 23 years now, and before that I travelled extensively overseas, studying Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, natural health and diet, all of which expanded my understanding of myself and  life.


Tania Truccolo


In 2001 Tania began practicing yoga and quickly developed a passion for the art.

She has described her discovery of yoga as a life changing experience that she wants to help others achieve. Since this discovery she has taken up teaching yoga in 2008 to all ages and capabilities.


She has a Diploma in Hatha Yoga and a Certificate III and IV in fitness.  


Students have described Tania's teaching style as a very peaceful, calming and enlightening experience.   She focuses on holding postures and maintaining breathing patterns that allows students to calm their minds.  Tania teaches our Yin yoga class, our Friday night class and Sundays.


Jarrod Peterson

Jarrod trained with Shanti Gowans and teaches on Wednesday nights.   He is a very popular teacher here and very committed to his own practice and to the classes he teaches, bringing warmth and a sense of fun to them.



Demi Zeglinas


Demi has been practicing Yoga since she was 12 years old and "by chance" one of the first ever Yoga classes she attended many years ago was here at Southern Yoga!  Demi's deep passion for Yoga and teaching led her to Ubud, Bali, where she obtained her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training International Qualification, enabling her to follow her passion to teach and inspire.


Demi's teaching objectives are to guide her students to connect back inwards to their "true self" and focus on letting go of what no longer serves the body, mind and spirit - creating space for the authentic, blissful self to shine from within and out into the world.  

Karla Brown,  Children's Yoga Teacher



Karla trained with Byron Yoga Centre, and the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne and has been teaching for 7 years.   As a busy mother of 2 little children, yoga plays an important role to help keep life balanced for the whole family.   She did her children's yoga training with Rainbow Kids and brings a sense of warmth and fun into the classes.   Each class incorporates poses, storytelling, dance, breath and mindfulness meditation all within a safe and nurturing environment.   Karla is passionate about the deep healing nature that yoga brings the mind, body and soul and feels incredibly grateful to be able to share this with others.




Jo Ryan

Can you remember when you were a child playing barefoot, carefree and confident? You lived for the moment, had limitless potential and would dream about how wonderful life would be when you were big. When we grow up, we develop beliefs about ourselves that hold us back, feel uncertain about our future and are overwhelmed with fear and worry.


Life coaching involves working to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It is about finding out what is really important to you, identifying your goals and developing strategies to achieve them. It is about feeling confident all the time, embracing challenges and giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy your life.


Jo is also offering Reiki Healings here at the Centre. The underlying philosophy of Reiki is that if a person's "life force energy" is low, they are more likely to be unwell or stressed. If it is high, they are more capable of being happy and feeling well.


In a Reiki treatment, positive healing energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client, increasing their energy levels, releasing tension and promoting wellbeing.


If you would like an appointment with Jo please call her direct on 0409 183 677.